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Datatek, Inc

960​5 Jefferso​​​n Hwy

Suite I-118

New Orleans, LA 70123 USA
(504) 322-7705 office
(504) 613-6550 fax
1-800-856-6914 toll free

Federal Employer Tax #:  46-1238097


​Notes from Joey Auer, President:  Due to my holding the highest United States civilian Top Secret clearance, we are bound under NDA not to disclose details of our federal projects.  Joey Auer can say our experience ranges from computer security, cyber-security, physical security, and industrial control system(s) security.

ALERT!  - Equifax was hacked Thursday, 9-7-2017 and 400 million people (1/2 of America's population) lost the privacy of their Social Security numbers, DOB, DL #, all credit accounts, bank logins, etc.  In fact, hackers spent 2 months downloading all their data and yours.  Equifax has lost $25,000,000 of shareholder value or 25% in less than 24 hours. Do NOT let this happen to you.  Be proactive and weather you outsource to our trusted firm Datatek, Inc or another, all your employees are depending on leadership that makes the right proactive decisions to take cybersecurity serious.  

PORT & MARITIME SECUR​ITY:  ​Today, U.S. port facilities rely as ​much upon networked computer and control systems as they do upon stevedores to ensure the flow of maritime commerce that the economy, homeland, and national security depend upon.  Datatek is uniquely positioned via intellectual capital, financial capital, and unqualified Cyber-Security personnel dating back to 1996.  Utilizing state-of-the-art Cyber Security technologies such as Cisco Meraki, Avig Security Cameras, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, and CCure, and more.  Cloud based real-time security hardware & software solutions has proved an invaluable tool for all security threats.  And, we actually can be proactive up to the second for global threats both physical and cybersecurity.  Having years of experience and working with firms on applications for and successful procurement of CyberSecurity grants. 

Contact Datatek, Inc whether potential client, employee, or business partners.
We are "Simply Secure"!

ENTERPRISE WiFi & Security:<- Ole Miss University Stadium publi​cation
Ole Miss University Stadium WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE implementation C-Spire Wireless contracted to Datatek, Inc. From project design, Xirrus hardware, deployment, and "brown-out" detection installed on employee cell phones to report to on coverage.